Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Art in the Time of Corona - And - The Story of "Wisteria Lane"

Art in the Time of Corona
The Story of “Wisteria Lane”

On a clear sunny day, with not a cloud in the sky, children played near a fountain, as their grown-ups watched from near-by while swinging on a swing under the fragrant wisteria, on Wisteria Lane.
It was not so long ago, just a three weeks to be exact, when we all knew what was coming, but it was not quite here yet.
I asked those grown-ups swinging on the swing, next to me, to watch my easel, while I took a break to get my soy ice latte at Axiom Coffee. 
As the world forces us to slow down, I hope you still take time to smell the Jasmine blooms, as you take a walk around the block.

Featured Painting: "Wisteria Lane", pastel, 12" x 9" $450.00
Available directly from the artist.

Be well and healthy,

The link below is to an article about supporting artists during covid19

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Over and Over Again

Painting at the same scene multiple times has been done by many artists, one of which was Claude Monet, who painted Rouen Cathedral at different times of the day.  I have passed a wooded scene along my jog at Lake Baldwin almost daily. Each time I visit, the color of the sky is a little different and in the evenings, no sunset is ever the same. Thus, a single scene becomes an inspiration for multiple paintings.
In the Heat of the Day, Pastel, 16"x 12"

When Evening Falls, Pastel, 16"x 12"

Pink Moment, Pastel, 16"x 12"

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Story of "Mount Dora Charmer", and other house portraits.

On a beautiful fall day, I was painting along with a group of plein-air artists on historic McDonald Street in Mount Dora, which is a charming vacation town, forty-five minutes’ drive northwest of Orlando, Florida. Mount Dora is known for its small-town charm and many antique shops.

McDonald Street is walking distance from main street and the town square. It features charming historic cottages and mansions, most of which are on the historic registry, and each with a story to tell.

As I walked up and down the street scouting for inspiration, I observed the shapes the houses formed as they intersected with the surrounding foliage and skies. The time of day and the direction of the sun determines how the houses are illuminated and which side of the street to paint.

The Mount Dora open Paint-Out takes place every November, and is a great opportunity to join fellow painters in capturing this charming place, view artists at work around town and attend the exhibit at the Mount Dora Center for the Arts gallery.

 “Mount Dora Charmer” (pastel, 16” x 12”) is a painting of a mansion on McDonald and 9th Street

Sunnyside House” (pastel, 18” x 12”) is a painting of a house across the street from "Mount Dora Charmer".

“Abandoned but not Forgotten” (pastel, 18” x 12”) is a painting of the historic Lauthan-Platt House, which won the Judges’ Choice Award at the 2018 Paint-Out and is currently on display at the Mount Dora Center for the Arts until December 3rd.

“Sunshine at the Inn” (pastel, 12” x 18") depicts the historic Lakeside Inn, lit by a setting sun.

I hope you can stop by and catch the exhibit at Mount Dora. Also, I will be painting at the New Smyrna Beach Paint-Out, December 2nd-8th, 2018. Please visit the wet gallery located at Marine Discovery Center, 520 Barracuda Blvd., New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169.

See more of my paintings at www.oritreuben.com

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Story of Morning Coffee and Happy Accidents

I'm a regular patron of Barnie's Coffee Kitchen in Winter Park, my favorite coffee shop. I like the nostalgic old time feel of the place, and the big windows with lots of daylight streaming in. I especially like the blue light reflected on the floor early in the morning. I always intended to paint that scene.

When I finally got around to painting Barnie's, I decided to make it apart of the interior series I was developing, which included a figure of myself in the painting. 

The painting was accepted to the Southeastern Pastel Society 2018 International Show in Atlanta. When I attended the opening, I was surprised and horrified to discover that it looked nothing like the original. It was more abstract, and all the figures were blue gray and devoid of detail. 

It seems the new glitter pastel I used generously on the rear window, became loose during shipping, and scattered allover the painting. When I looked at the other paintings in the exhibition I noticed that others also used glitter pastel. Like me, they must have picked some up at the last pastel convention in Albuquerque. However, they used a just little bit, while I went a little too crazy with the stuff. 

After the show was over and I received the painting back, I proceeded with the restoration. I lightly bushed off the excess pastel using a soft synthetic brush. To my relief, the original painting was still preserved underneath. I repainted parts and touched up others. I kept the softer, more mysterious feel of the painting that was created by the shipping accident. Thankfully, this was a happy accident that made my painting better. 


Morning Coffee - Revised
Pastel, 16" x 12"

Morning Coffee, Old                                                       Barnie's Reference Photo

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Story of "Morning at the Casa"

The story of "Morning at the Casa"


The historic house of Casa Feliz, sits on the beautiful grounds of the golf course on the north end of Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. The building was relocated to this site, in 2000, when it was saved from demolition at it's original spot. For more information about this beautiful Spanish Style farm house visit the Casa Feliz website http://www.casafeliz.us/our-history/

I chose a brilliant periwinkle blue, with hints of green and violet, to convey the brightness of the sky. It was a crisp cool Spring morning. One of the last ones before the summer heat and humidity set in, with no moisture in the air to obscure the true blue of the sky.

The beauty of this house and its surroundings never cease to amaze and inspire me. My favorite feature is the carriage archway, which is the focal point of my painting. The white marks of the arch draw the eye to, and through it, to what is in the distance.

I posted an "in-progress" photo (above) on Facebook, which started an online bidding war, and the painting was sold before it was finished.  It was purchased by my dear friend and third time customer, Alison, as a birthday present for her mother.

This painting is also available as a high quality print on watercolor paper. (Please message me for price inquiries.)

To see more of my paintings please like my Facebook page Orit Reuben Art or go to my website at www.oritreuben.com.

Happy trails and happy painting...


Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 2017 - Wekiva Island Quick Draw

The story of "Wekiva Palms" - 2nd place winner - Wekiva Island Quick Draw 2017

This pastel painting was created on a beautiful sunny day on Wekiva Island, just aways downriver from the spring's head. The loud horn blew to announce the two-hour drawing time for the Quick Draw competition. I was standing on a little bridge over a branch of the creek full of moss covered turtles waiting to be fed by the staff who regularly threw in fish food.

Next to me were two other ladies, Cory, and her nice English friend, who's name I don't remember. One painted an alligator from a photo and the other a turtle.

I focused on a row of palms at the end of the waterway, and the beautiful lily pads in front of them. The painting was composed by comparing the warmth and coolness of elements, and negotiating the distance of farther-off objects. In Florida, everything is green. The trick to a successful landscape is to create distance by depicting trees behind the main subject in lighter, cooler colors. Otherwise, everything is just one big green jungle.

This being my first quick draw competition, I practiced the sketch and composition the previous day, so the drawing took me only an hour instead of two. I was pleasantly surprised to win second place and received a generous gift certificate that will allow many hours of canoeing, and too many drinks at the Without a Paddle Bar.

For more paintings see my website at www.oritreuben.com and find me on facebook.

"Wekiva Island Palms" Pastel, 12"x 9"

Wekiva Turtles